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Pest Control

General Pest Control

Inspect, Treat and Prevent

Our company takes an Integrated Pest Management approach, essentially meaning that our goal is to control pests using the minimum amount of chemicals necessary, in the most effective way.

The most critical part of the service is the interview and the inspection. We ask about not only the pest activity, but also vital safety questions that will determine the products and methods available to us while keeping you and your family safe.

We use a variety of products to address specific pest behaviors and harborages, and monitor ongoing activity between services to ensure that the methods applied are effective and that we know to change our approach if not.

Please contact the office with questions about specific products used and how they're applied.

General Pest Control

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Get to the Source

Different species of ants are attracted to different kinds of food sources. 2 of the most common attractants are sugar and protein.


If you have ants in your home, and have the time or the interest, a fun science experiment is to put out a sweet and a savory food and see which one the ants are drawn to.

After the fun of the experiment (or if you prefer to abstain), one option for immediate relief is to vacuum up the present ants (after noting the points of entry so they can be treated later) and wipe down the area with a scented cleaner or soap. This will cover up the ants' scent trail, delaying them by confusing the previous scent the ants were following.

Our approach to treating ants comes down to behavior. Sometimes it's as simple as treating the area where they are getting access into the home, and eliminating the ants present.

Often with exterior ant problems, we will try to follow the ants to the colony entrance and use pesticide bait which the ants will then carry into the colony food source. This will address the source of the problem: the large colony underground.

Image by Boba Jaglicic


Location, location, location.

While we acknowledge the immense importance of bees to our environment, and it is a goal of ours to provide humane bee removal in the future, we understand that they can pose a serious danger to those with allergies, as well as the rare chance of encountering aggressive "Africanized" colonies. 

Our minimum charge for bee control is $125, subject to increase for a variety of factors. We do offer honeycomb removal services, but we do not facilitate the repairs for damaged structures.

Bees can be a nuisance when building their hives into various voids of homes and yards and the extent of their occupation will affect the amount of damage caused and the difficulty of treatment and removal.


In some cases, specific sites can be guaranteed against recurring hives. Ask your technician about our recommendations during the inspection.

Image by Duy Vo


Free Estimate

Bird control is generally an extensive and exhaustive process.

We offer free estimates due to the wide variety of factors involved when taking on these projects.

Please call or email to get more information and to schedule your free estimate.


Estimates need to be performed on-site and cannot be offered over the phone/online.

Image by Jared Subia

Black Widows

Identification, clarification

As one of the only medically concerning spiders of the southwest, the fear of encountering them often leads to misidentification.

There are several key traits and characteristics that we look for when identifying insects. Until the spider is successfully identified and properly treated, we recommend common sense practices and staying away from the area of concern.

We are excited to share a greater capacity for remote identification via photo and video consultation. We invite you to send pictures of your bugs via text to our office line to help you identify them and give recommendations while waiting for your scheduled service.

Black Widows


Harmless? Mostly...

While crickets are primarily more of an annoyance than a danger, they are a cause of concern for the other pests that they attract.

Wherever cricket populations run rampant, keep an eye out for scorpions looking for a snack!

Crickets are common near damp areas and wet rooms. Once the crickets getting into the home are under control, the problem can be effectively maintained with exterior treatment.

The general pest control treatment that covers crickets is also effective against scorpions, so both should be addressed with the general exterior service, depending on the extent of the problem.

New builds and homes near mountains or open fields are subject to greater scorpion activity.

Black Dog




Beat or be eaten!

In addition to whatever veterinarian recommendations for treating your pet(s), your yard can be treated to prevent fleas and ticks from harboring specific areas of the yard.

While it is almost impossible to treat a yard for complete elimination of ticks or fleas once present, you can control the activity with regular treatment of the yard, with special focus on areas frequented by your pet(s).

Fleas and Ticks
Image by Erik Karits


Bi-Weekly Maintenance

One of the key features of roach control is population management because it is a pest that breeds more quickly than other types.

As with any pest, identification is the most important factor. There area a wide variety of roach species present in Arizona, and they all have different behaviors and environment preferences.

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