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The busy bee, the worker bee, the queen bee... While there may be plenty of characteristics to admire about these guys, it's certainly better done from a distance. When the bees are acting up, whether a swarm, a hive, or a few stragglers from down the street, you want them away from you, your kids, and your pets. Call us for emergency services anytime, and we'll show up with all the right equipment to safely and efficiently remove them from your property. Not only that, but with recent concerns over the preservation of these hard working little guys, we're developing safe humane removal methods to relocate these bees to better suited spaces where they can thrive and do their bee thing!

Bees are a valuable part of our local ecosystems, for pollinating, making honey, and whatever else they find time to do, the results are best enjoyed secondhand, in a bouquet or a jar. We'll send those worker bees to a safer location and you can rest easy knowing your family, and the environment, are safe.

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