April Fool's: Giant Mosquitoes?!

There are innumerable myths around insects in every culture and climate they inhabit. What better day to address some of them than on April Fool’s, a day when the spread of misinformation is a recreational activity.

One of the most common and most frightening-looking victims of misunderstanding is the harmless, though terrifying to behold, crane fly. Mistaken for a giant mosquito, or misnomered as a mosquito hawk or ‘skeeter eater’, the crane fly is neither. They are certainly cousins to mosquitoes, and barely distinguishable in appearance apart from their size, but their behavior and eating habits wildly differ.

While the tiny mosquito is fearsome due to its blood-sucking, disease-spreading proboscis, the crane fly is really only cause for concern in it's appearance - huge and creepy. Observe these meek, lanky fellas for long enough and you’ll realize they’re goofy, bumbling fliers who don’t eat much of anything while in their final flying form - a brief span of only a few days which explains why they don’t seem to be very adept at it. Unfortunately, that includes not eating mosquitoes, despite what their misrepresentation would have you believe.

If they are bothersome to you with their creepy, spindly form, or they are making too much of a ruckus with their constant clumsiness, then certainly escort them outside to enjoy some fresh air for the short remainder of their days. If, however, you come across their tinier, deadlier, blood-sucking cousins, do everyone a favor and give them a solid smack!


You can find out more about crane flies, and see photo comparison to mosquitoes, here: https://www.cvmosquito.org/public-health-threats/vectors-concern/pages/crane-flies