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Life Update from Rick Crosby

A lot has happened in the last few years, we wanted to capture some of life's special joys and changes for those who may have missed them.

In October of 2018, Champion Pest Control bought First Choice Pest Control and Rick took a new career path that would keep him closer to home. His wife, Linda, was especially excited about the change!

“Fall has already brought BIG changes for the Crosbys! Rick Crosby took early retirement from flying for the State of AZ ..... AND we sold the pest control business! He still plans to work part time in mortgage insurance, but we are loving the increased family time with him around all day now! (It only took two months for his body to adjust to sleeping in!) It does interfere a bit with homeschooling. .... But a few more games, a few more smoothie trips, a few more movies were definitely needed! He also can travel with me when I speak! I finally have "people" to carry my bags! First up.... Chicago! Love my family!”

3 couples out at a restaurant, black and white, 2 people censored for privacy. Uncensored persons labeled, left to right: Linda, Regina, John, Rick.
Group Dinner date! The Crosbys, Weilers, and mutual friends (censored for privacy).

As of January 2019, Rick is now working with Symmetry Financial Group!

"We can write policies in almost every state so if you know of anyone who is looking to take care of their families and leave an inheritance, please pass our names on to them for us. We would sure appreciate it! We can help them out with life insurance, mortgage protection insurance and burial/ final expense insurance."

Call Rick directly for more info on how he can help you and your family!

Rick Crosby


At Symmetry Financial Group, Rick's mission is to provide you life insurance coverage that allows you to live life, while protecting your family if the unthinkable were to happen. He is committed to helping families and individuals protect what matters most. Helping communities since 2009, Symmetry connects clients with best-fitting insurance products while providing their sales force with industry-leading training and tools.

Linda and Rick Crosby in formal wear at a conference.
Linda and Rick at the Symmetry Financial Group conference in DC - April 2019

Rick has enjoyed his opportunity to travel while working with Symmetry, visiting Washington DC in April 2019 and Asheville, NC in November.

“I'm near Asheville, NC for some life / mortgage protection insurance training and I just finished a very gorgeous drive through part of the Smoky Mountains. I'm presently sitting at a local hangout, Haywood 209 Cafe listening to Chris Rodriguez & Abby the Spoon Lady...I think I've integrated..”

When he's not traveling for work, Linda is enjoying having him around the house and getting quality time with the family.

“I love having Rick home all the time now! Rick did retire after 18 years of flying for the state of Arizona. And he sold his pest control business. But he is not one to sit around... mortgage protection and life insurance. And playing games and yardwork and watching movies.”

The extra family time could not have happened at a better time, as Linda and Rick welcomed their first grandbaby, a little girl! Maverick Evelynn Grace came in January 2021, and they are absolutely thrilled!

Rick crosby cradling a small infant, censored for privacy.
Grandpa Rick with their family's newest addition: a granddaughter!

You can find Linda and Rick on facebook, or give Rick a call to hear more about the changes, and to get more information on his insurance work!

Rick Crosby


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